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P2.5mm shelf led screen display

Source : This web site Published : 2019-7-1

P2.5mm full color shelf led screen display panel


Pixel pitch: 2.5mm

Module size : 160*80mm

Module resolution: 64*32dots

Shelf screen size : 640*80mm

Shelf screen resolution: 256*32 dots


Application : 

1.The shelf led screen is popular for the supermarket, various shops and stores. 

2.They mostly be used for running the ads and display the good's price. 

3.Help the owner make the shops more impressive and attractive , bring more sales and making extra money from renting space for the ads.



1.Vivid digital display with rolling advertisement

2.Attract and delight customers attention

3.Implement efficient operation for supermarket

 4.Low down labor cost of changing paper labels